Our Charity

The Reclaimed Foundation

Our mission: Inspiring people to reclaim their lives

At The Block, we are on a mission to inspire individuals to reclaim their lives. As part of our commitment to making a meaningful impact, we established The Reclaimed Foundation. Many of us grapple with mental health issues, such as addiction, depression, and anxiety, often suffering in silence. The Reclaimed Foundation's purpose is to offer support to our community and create a welcoming environment that embraces these challenges. Through connection, honesty, and vulnerability, we aim to help each other heal.

Our Vision: Building a supportive community

As a united team, our goal is to provide assistance where it's needed the most. We're not just about throwing money at problems; we are dedicated to establishing a community where individuals can lean on one another for support.

Leadership Team

President James Cardamone
Certified Recovery Coach
Working toward becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, James has battled addiction and anxiety throughout his life. He is now devoted to using his experience and training to help those who are still suffering.

Treasurer Jason Elhomsi
Serial Entrepreneur and Local Business Owner
With a family history in Male-Specific Mental Illness, Jason's passion has always been to raise awareness.

Vice President Tom D’Ambrisi
Owner of The Butcher’s Block
Tom battled opioid addiction in silence and is now committed to building a platform where people can come together and share their experiences.

Director Sean Groom
Account Executive for a large tech firm
Sean struggled with addiction and substance abuse, and he is now focused on giving back what was freely given to him by helping those in need.

Board of Directors

Director Todd Sinforoso
With over 25 years of experience as an executive in the diamond jewelry industry and as a health club owner, Todd has faced various challenges in life that left him struggling mentally. He is now dedicated to personal growth and helping others become the best version of themselves.